• Modern health and smart life assistant with wireless charging station

    It charges your smartphone, shows the time, plays music, gently lights the room at night and unobtrusively wakes you up in the morning.

    • A unique and soothing all-in-one device for your home or office
    • Modern design, made from high quality materials
    • Health assistant that heals your mind
    • Your best sleep
    • Helps you wake up gently
    • Atmospheric lighting to your favorite music
    • Charges your smartphone wirelessly and very quickly with 15W

    It's the perfect gift - It's so cool

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  • Health and smart life assistant

    1. 15W wireless fast charging
    2. Answering the phone
    3. 16 million 256
    4. Lighting modes
      Sunrise simulation alarm clock
    5. Dimmable light
    6. Alarm clock
    7. Bluetooth speakers
    8. Natural sleep aid sound machine
    9. Bluetooth speakers
    10. All functions app-controlled

    It's so cool

  • 1. Turn on

    Switch on the romantic light color in the app or directly on your device.

  • 2. Breathe with the light

    Yes, try synchronizing your breath with the pulsating light. Inhale as it expands and exhale as it contracts.

  • 3. Sleep well

    The right color of light promotes the production of melatonin and you will soon feel sleepy.

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