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Dixpamo Fone-Gadgets Shop is operated by Dixpamo GmbH

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  • Dixpamo is an online retail company. We try to find small niches and attract, serve and retain customers with a wide and deep product range and excellent customer service.

    To protect our customers, we handle our customer data very carefully and have a dedicated data protection officer that customers can contact if they have any questions and/or simply want to know how we handle their data.

    Our managing director has many years of experience in purchasing. We try to get the best conditions for our customers from our suppliers/manufacturers and partners and pass these on to our customers.

    If you have any questions, please use our contact form and write to us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

  • Our CEO
    Mamadou Coulibaly

  • About Dixpamo Gadgets Shop

    Discover our unique one-product shop, which regularly features specially selected products. These products are intended to make your everyday life easier or are simply incredibly cool and an absolute must-have.

  • Fast Charging

    15W wireless fast charging

  • 9 in1 smart gadget - It's so cool

    1. 15W charger 2. Answer the phone, 3. Alarm clock 4. Sunrise simulation 5. Dimmable light 6. 16 million 256 lighting modes 7. Bluetooth speaker 8. Natural sleep aid sound machine 9. App control

  • Dixpamofashion.com

    Our shop for fashion-conscious women. Very nice shop in selectable day & night color mode for you.

  • Day View

    Day view is the basic color and offers clear, brilliant images for an exciting shopping experience.

  • Night View

    If you like it elegant and expressive, then choose the Night View.

  • Styles By Alimma - From Kenya

    Styles By Alimma operates primarily in the Kenyan market. Our aim is to serve the entire African continent from Nairobi. We have designed a beautiful shop for you in selectable day and night color modes. We also recommend our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages.

  • Day View

    Day view is the basic color and offers clear, brilliant images for an exciting shopping experience.

  • Night View

    If you like it elegant and expressive, then choose the Night View.

  • About Dixpamo Perfumery

    Immerse yourself in the world of fragrances at Dixpamo Perfumery. We offer a diverse selection of products for men and women.

  • Everything about fragrances and beauty

    Beauty, cosmetics, care products for hair, body and face

  • Everything about fragrances and beauty

    and accessories

  • About Dixpamo Watches

    Our selection of exclusive men's, women's and children's watches leaves nothing to be desired. You are guaranteed to find your favorite watch here

  • Your dream watch

    Are you looking for elegant, selected watches? Then you've come to the right place. Browse and find the watch of your dreams

  • Your favorite watch

    Discover our wide selection and find your favorite watch at Dixpamo Watches

  • MiniMixerWorld by Dixpamo

    Portable USB MiniMixer: Take your healthy drinks/smoothies with you anywhere or prepare them spontaneously - according to your taste, wherever you want.

    We offer the most complete and complete USB Minixer range


    1. Prepare your fruits
    2. Start your MiniMixer
    3. Office, gym, anywhere
    4. Pour directly into a glass and enjoy
  • our promise

    Find your MiniMixer with us or get FREE DELIVERY if you can't find it with us and somewhere else!!

  • About Dixpamo Heros

    Shop for children's costumes! Our diverse selection for all children's fancy dress occasions: Halloween, Christmas, funny comedian to cartoon costumes, we have everything to inspire your children's imagination. You can also discover a selection of entertaining toys and school supplies.

  • We are the heroes

    Boys and girls and everyone join in:
    The brother and sister? Yes!
    Mom and Dad Nope! :)

    Mom and Dad only go shopping at Dixpamo Heros

  • Yes, your big sister and brother can also join in

    Then mom and dad quickly go to the shop

  • About BeCloDy - a Dixpamo Brand

    BeCloDy = Best Clo thes D r y ing rack = Best clothes rack

    Full and complete drying rack range = all drying racks on the market for every drying need

  • Wide and deep range

    Indoor & outdoor, single stand, folding stand, electric, wooden, multifunctional, special stand (e.g. for socks) and accessories for the washroom

  • Our goal and promise

    We want to become the clothes airer specialist on the market where all suppliers offer their products. We are convinced (and are working on) that we have the right drying rack for every need and situation. So get the perfect solution for drying your clothes now.

  • About Dixpamo backpacks

    As is typical of Dixpamo, we have also focused on a family of products: backpacks for business women and men

  • Wide and deep range

    Discover our diverse selection of backpacks for business women and men. Here you are guaranteed to find the right backpack and accessories for your business, everyday life and outdoor needs.

  • our promise

    We discover our diverse selection of backpacks for business women and men. Here you are guaranteed to find the right companion for your business, everyday life and outdoor needs.

  • Dixpamo Kitchen - We love cooking

    Dixpamo Kitchen, the ultimate point of contact for selected and reliable products, fair prices and a certain “hand” for new trends make Dixpamo Kitchen one of the best addresses when it comes to online shops for cooking lovers and kitchen enthusiasts

  • Complete kitchen utensils

    Discover our extensive range of high-quality kitchen utensils.

  • Largest selection of kitchen appliances

    Discover a wide range of kitchen appliances that exceed your expectations in terms of variety and choice.

  • African Fashion & Art by Dixpamo

    Discover the beauty of African fashion and art. Immerse yourself in the world of African fashion and art.

  • Beautiful African jewelry, bags, fabrics...

    Get our beautiful, handmade African Fashion & Art pieces: jewelry, beautiful fabrics, rings, bracelets, bags...

  • And much more “made” from Africa

    African art, masks, even cool homewares e.g. African handmade olive picker

  • Mandecars.com

    Mandecars is a young, international company founded in June 2023 to broker and deliver cars.

    Mandecars has set itself the task of professionalizing the car trading business in Africa in all process steps: search, delivery and, above all, the payment process.

  • Your dream car from the stock or we will look for it for you!

    We focus on private customers and want to be a reliable partner for our customers. We offer our customers an online platform on which they can, on the one hand, find their dream and, on the other hand, order and pay conveniently and, above all, securely using our special processes.

    Our customers can find and order their dream car directly from our existing vehicle inventory or commission us to search for it.

  • We don't see ourselves as car dealers

    1. We are a car procurement and delivery service provider
    2. A safe and secure payment process working with our partner bank: You only pay if you accept the delivery . Our Partner Bank will guarantee that.
    3. Full transparency and view in all process steps and in all financial data of your purchased car.
    4. Our Special Service commitment: Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum VIP Services Packages for our Dealers
  • Dixpamo Print on Demand Services

    Dixpamo Print on Demand Products: Experience the joy of designing your own products with our Print on Demand service - it's like bringing your imagination to life!

  • Our POD products

    A wide range of products